Wednesday, 22 March 2017

How to Identify and Sell Your Passion: A 2Day Course with Leading Sales Guru and Trainer, Segun Akande

 You can discover who you are, why you are and what special gifts you have that will enable you be where you need to be.

This 2 Day course titled ‘Identify your passion’ with Segun Akande can help you.

Segun Akande is a foremost sales executive, coach, trainer and writer.  He would like to share with you his own journey to self discovery and fulfillment. Also, to help you identify your passion and teach how to walk in it.  

I had a brief interview with him where he shed more light on the Two Day Course and its relevance.

What is the course really about? What kind of people are you trying to reach?

Segun Akande:
 This course is good for people of all ages. Let’s look at the three types of ages:

The course is essential for late teens (18-25) who want to have a clear direction of who they are and where they are going in life. It’s better to know early and be focused rather than find out later.

The course is good for persons in their late twenties to mid thirties who are bit confused about what they are doing and want a clear direction of who they are and where they are going.

Also, it is especially good for those in their forties.  You know how they say your ‘forties is the decade where it’s your last chance at getting it right’.

I have discovered that many people who have been working in corporate institutions seem to be far from happy in their day to day work.    Yes, they are making money but they rely so much on that institution to the extent that their identity is actually linked to that institution. They have no identity of their own.  They don’t really know who they are.
The three aims of this course are:

1.       To help you identify your passion and purpose. They are much linked.  I have a formula for it.   It would come out of you, I don’t tell you.

2.      To help you identify how to monetize your passion. At the end of the day, you’ll have needs that ought to be met. So I show you how to make money from your passion.

3.      To help you to sell.  No matter what you do, you’ve got to be able to sell.

Most importantly, I hope to help you understand that God cherishes you, he is on your side  and wants you to succeed. 

There are too many people who are so focused on their past mistakes and failures that they believe they have no right to succeed.  One of the biggest obstacles of success is to believe that God is not on your side.

There are so many talented people out there who because of their past failings and mistakes , believe they have no right to succeed (just like i used to).

Yet, there are so many examples of successful people who had serious difficulties in their early lives but somehow kept going, never gave up, believed in themselves and succeeded.  

The only person that can stop your passion from being fulfilled is yourself, how you see yourself and what you believe about yourself. Unfortunately, what many people believe about themselves are the negative thoughts they get from day to day.

Half the thoughts in our minds are negative thoughts because we keep remembering our past mistakes.  Its either the mind remind us or people remind us.

We need to focus on how much we are cherished by God and how skillful we are as a person.

Everybody is walking the lines of who they are. Be true to yourself. 

About Segun Akande

I am known as the sales guru. My passion is sales and writing.

I’m a sales coach and trainer.  I help people identify their passion.

I write children’s book and adult fiction.   I also write and speak on leading customer service and sales strategies on my blog and vlog.  

I have a history of a very wild life and the fact that I’m still here today is a miracle and its by God’s grace.            

Three Day Identify and Sell Your Passion Class

 Course Details:

Duration – 2days
Date: Friday 31st March to Saturday 1st April, 2017
Time: 9am -4pm Daily
Investment Fee – N25,000

Study Guides, learning materials and booklet   - Included in fee
Consultancy Services, Program Development and composition – Included in fee

Payment Terms: 100% before commencement of course.

To place your booking, please call 0909 0551221.

Ese Walter is not Becoming; Ese Ark’s Book is NAKED

I saw on a blog yesterday where the blogger wrote:

‘Ese Walter Ark’s BECOMING…’

And then she went on to start her post with the usual old story (that they’ve refused to change) and write her idea on what she thinks Ese’s new book is about.  

As you have read in the welcome tab, this blog is about sharing true brand experiences and brand stories.

Sorry. The personal brand story now is that: Ese Ark is an author, writer, lawyer, media personality, mother of two children (BOOB Man and Boob Girl), wife, left hand and right hand writer …

Tuesday, 21 March 2017

Kitchen Victore: Culinary Miracles

A Selfie with Chef Victor and His Kitchen. Victor is the one the red arrow points at.
Image from Kitchen Victore's Website

Trust me when I say I am the Brand Experience Teacher.

Nothing fresh, creative and mind blowing passes me by without me documenting it or communicating with the individual behind it.

At a major event in Lagos a few weeks ago, I joined a queue with some other attendees to do a food tasting by a ‘brand’ called KITCHEN VICTORE.

Thursday, 16 March 2017

The GUGURU AND EPA Mobile Kiosk

Remember 'Guguru and Epa', ajebutterly known as 'peanuts and popcorn'? 


So on my way to Ikeja one time, I found this mobile van packed in a very busy spot somewhere at Ikeja under bridge right beside the railway, and ready to sell this  snack to passersby.

Esthertainment Digest is now Brand Gists.

I just love to observe unique products and services and the individuals and organizations that provide them.  
Above all, I love to write about them like no one would. 
I like to write like I’ve communicated with the spirit behind the business or brand or project.

Tuesday, 9 August 2016

Esther’s Picture Tale of Industry Night Boss, Matthew Ohio’s Traditional Wedding in Benin Republic

 -My Amateur Pictures and full Gist.

Matthew and Gloria.

The traditional wedding of Industry night pioneer, Matthew Ohio, and his fiancée Gloria Gobbo held at the quiet town of Calavi in Benin Republic on Saturday 6thAugust 2016.  Family members and close friends were all present to witness the ceremony.

Sunday, 3 April 2016

Sight Seeing In Ghana

You certainly cannot go on a Ghana vacation without doing some sightseeing. This is in fact one of the most stated reasons for visiting Ghana. 

The country has a rich culture and a rich history. All over Ghana are historic buildings, museums, monuments and a variety of places to visit that will make your Ghana vacation a wonderful experience.